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HSG Laser

AMT is proud to offer the full line of HSG CNC laser cutting machines.  HSG CNC laser machines are easy to use, feature-rich, competitively priced, easy to service, and supported locally by our technicians.  We offer metal-cutting machines for cutting sheets and tubes of all sizes, including 5-axis bevel cutting, along with automated material handling options.  Please call us if you are interested in investing in a CNC fiber laser!

HSG Laser, founded in 2006, is the largest manufacturer of fiber laser machines in China.  HSG is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of laser equipment, dedicated to serving global customers with metal forming solutions.  HSG Laser has 13 branches/subsidiaries in China and around the world, 4 standardized manufacturing bases, 20+ service centers in China, and 30+ global service outlets in total.

HSG Laser has established an optical R&D center in Japan and has 200+ R&D personnel who specialize in laser cutting machines and key spare parts.  HSG has researched and developed:

  • 3D five-axis cutting technology
  • P series autofocus cutting heads
  • Double digital chucks, three or four pneumatic chucks
  • Alpha T bus CNC system for sheet cutting
  • HSG-X9000 bus CNC system for tube cutting
  • HSG-NEST nesting software

HSG Laser can serve global users with 30+ kinds of machines that are suitable for most materials needing to be cut, including:

  • Sheet metal laser cutting machines
  • Sheet & tube laser cutting machines
  • Tube metal laser cutting machines
  • Bending machines
  • Laser welding machine
  • Automatic loading & unloading equipment and pallet racks

30-Second Overview of HSG Laser:

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