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Collets and Tool Holders by Techniks

MultiCam Southeast is proud to be an authorized distributor of Techniks brand collets, tool holders, and other tooling for CNC routers. We have carried Techniks tooling since 1998 and maintain a substantial inventory of Techniks tool holders, collets, and other tooling. Our employees are trained to provide our customers with expert advice regarding Techniks tooling selection. We have several CNC routers on site at MultiCam Southeast’s technology centers where we perform testing.  Shop for Techniks tool holders and collets in our online store today.

Techniks Tooling

Techniks is a leading manufacturer of CNC router tooling including CNC tool holders, collet holders, ER collet chucks, pull studs, BT30, BT40, CAT40, CAT50, HSK, ISO30, and aggregate heads.

Since 1996, Techniks has been providing high-quality, tool holding solutions that help its customers to

  • Increase holding power and reduce T.I.R. (total indicated runout)
  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Extend tool life to increase profits

Every Techniks tool holder is individually tested for quality & accuracy and comes with a lab certification
documenting accuracy and balance specifications.

Techniks “Power Cut” nuts do not use bearings and hold up to 75% tighter than standard nuts for the best T.I.R. and tool life.

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